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The Best Winter Vacation Spots In The U.S.

Snow can really give character to the holiday season. But after a while, the snow can get unbearable. The winter time is the season when cold-weather residents look for an escape. And several cities in the U.S. provide an excellent getaway for travelers. Here is a look at some of the best winter vacations spots in America.

Miami, FL

Pitbull may call Miami home all year round, but you can simply make it your new vacation hot spot in the winter. The 305 is perfect for people living in the cold Northeastern states. A three-hour flight (at most) will land you right on the beach. A world-famous strip of hotels and restaurants is sure to satisfy each one of your family and friends.

Las Vegas, NV

Who couldn’t use a trip to America’s playground? Yes, Vegas is located in the desert, so it may sound a little too hot, but this a nighttime city – the desert air is nice and cool; perfect for a stroll on the strip. The New Year’s Eve celebration is somehow underrated as it lives in the shadow of Times Square’s party. And now, there is even more to do in the colder months with the addition of the city’s new NHL team, the Golden Knights.

Honolulu, HI

Hawaii is the perfect destination for citizens looking to get out of the cold. Sun, sand, and the ocean are the perfect remedies for the winter-blues. And as Honolulu’s popularity as a destination continues to grow, the city keeps expanding its offerings. Honolulu is now more family-friendly, which enables travelers to bring the whole squad on the trip!

New York City, NY

Not every winter vacation spot has to be a warm location. NY’s city-wide celebration of the holiday season will be more than enough to keep your heart warm. Plenty of retail stores and restaurants can keep travelers indoors and away from the howling wind tunnels. From the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center to New Year’s Eve, New York City is the ultimate destination when the calendar hits December.