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The 3 Biggest Ideas From Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has transitioned from selling cars to selling flamethrowers. The businessman’s new venture, The Boring Company, is currently selling flamethrowers to the public for a price of $500. Musk says there are about 20,000 units available currently. The 46-year-old designed the flamethrowers for use in the inevitable zombie apocalypse. This is just the latest futuristic proclamation from one of the brightest minds in technology. Here are the three biggest ideas courtesy of Musk.

Colonization Of Mars

Musk made the most headlines of his career recently when he said he hopes to colonize the planet Mars. According to Musk, the colonization will be an incredibly long process. He says the first step will be to set up some sort of greenhouse on the planet. If Mars was able to produce greenery, Musk believes citizens of earth would be intrigued by the idea of a Mars tour. The biggest road block in this ambitious plan is the astronomical cost of space travel. If Musk can solve this issue, then the public may be able to take a trip to Mars in 15-20 years.


Traveling and commuting to work has long been a problem for Americans. Musk wants to eradicate this issue for the rest of eternity with his hyperloop project. The Tesla CEO spends a good portion of his week traveling from headquarters in Los Angeles to San Francisco. He believes this commute is not a productive part of his day, so he wants to invest in a shell that shoots citizens across the U.S. at speeds of 800 mph. Like most of Musk’s ideas, this one is incredibly ambitious; it could cost around $10 billion with a 10-year construction process.

Computer = Brain

Some of Musk’s ideas may excite people, others may scare the mass public. The latter could be said about his 2016 theory of merging the computer with the human brain. Musk confirmed recently that he would serve as CEO of Nueralink, which will develop brain implants. Even with accelerated travel and Mars colonization, Nueralink’s work just may be Musk’s biggest idea yet.