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The Best Online Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is not a million-dollar industry or even a billion-dollar industry. Today, the fashion industry pulls in trillions in yearly revenue. The most profitable sector of the fashion industry is womenswear, valued at more than half-a-trillion dollars. With the booming market comes a plethora of writers covering the latest trends. Here is a look at three of the best online fashion bloggers today:

Julia Engel

Engel’s swift rise to fame in the industry began when she was only a junior in college. While studying business, she began blogging about fashion in her spare time. Almost two years later, she decided to make fashion blogging her full-time gig. Her website, Gal Meets Glam has taken off like a rocket ever since! The now 23-year-old focuses on trendy looks that she finds all over America’s bay area. Engel enjoys a large social media following that helps promote her innovative fashion-sense.

Chiara Ferragni

She may be the most famous and successful fashion blogger today. Ferragni often interacts with her social media followers on Instagram and Facebook. And with more than six million total followers, her platforms give her a unique advantage over other fashion bloggers. She uses her website, The Blonde Salad for thoughts and sales. She currently owns a shoe line that has generated millions in its brief existence. Ferragni’s countless appearances on international magazines have made her one of the most recognizable names in fashion.

Chriselle Lim

Lim has found her fame on a different social media platform than her competition. She is best known for her work on YouTube, where she shares the latest fashion trends with her audience. Her background as a stylist has led to partnerships with industry leaders like Viktor & Rolf and Estee Lauder. Lim’s website The Chriselle Factor has evolved over the years. Originally focusing on fashion, Lim now writes about a variety of topics including interior design. She is one of the most diverse bloggers in the fashion industry.