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America’s Most Expensive Thanksgiving Meal

Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is offering the most expensive Thanksgiving meal in America. This Thursday, patrons will be invited to enjoy all the holiday favorites, including turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberries. All the usual Thanksgiving offerings will come with a price tag of $76,000.

Homestead’s Thanksgiving Menu

Homestead’s one day only menu features everything American families have come to expect from the national holiday. For starters, the turkey comes in at $105/lb. A pricey Swedish moose cheese plus butternut squash will keep the turkey company on the side of every plate. World-class stuffing is promised to satisfy guests as well. A side of smoked bacon is prized at $225/lb. And to top things off, a rare bottle of Louis XII Cognac is provided for an extra $4,800.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse has been a New York City landmark for more than a century, located on 9th Ave. While the price tag of Thanksgiving dinner may discourage some customers, the restaurant has promised to include many perks in its package. In addition to the food, diners will receive limousine accommodations for their trip to and from Homestead, a Black Friday gift card, and a two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. While the meal may come out to $7,600 per person, Homestead vows to give your family and friends a Thanksgiving experience that they will never forget!

Thanksgiving Dinner Prices Fall

If you are looking to stay local and enjoy a thanksgiving meal, you are in luck in 2017. The average cost of a thanksgiving dinner at restaurants has experienced a 75% decrease from last year. The statistics, compiled by the American Farm Bureau’s Federation, shows the price of a turkey has lowered by two cents per pound. Federation’s survey took into account at least twelve Thanksgiving meal staples, including pie, stuffing, and potatoes. The organization concluded that the drop in prices is a result of increased production of turkeys across the country.