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New York Fashion Week Celebrities

The mid-point of New York Fashion Week hit an all-time high over the weekend thanks to singer Rihanna. Her much anticipated performance kicked-off with an X-Games type feel as bicyclists soared through the air of the Park Avenue Armory. The 29-year-old artist then appeared on a dirt bike of her own, while rocking some stunning new gear from Fenty Puma. It was safe to say the “Good Girl Gone Bad” stole the show on Sunday evening. But Rihanna’s performance was just one of many notable celebrity moments throughout Fashion Week’s storied history.

Lady Gaga

The 2016 New York Fashion Week was about to wrap up when rumors began to swirl that Lady Gaga would walk the runway. Even more enticing for attendees was the fact that the “Poker Face” singer would take part in Marc Jacobs’ showcase. But when the list of models was released, Gaga was nowhere to be found. An unknown model simply named “Stephanie” was listed though – fans began to wonder if this was in fact the pop artist. Once the models hit the runway, it was obvious that this was Gaga. She measures about 5’1” while most other models were nearly a foot taller than her.

Kim Kardashian

Rihanna wasn’t the only celebrity making headlines at this year’s Fashion Week. Just a few days ago, Kim arrived at the show in one of her most revealing outfits yet. Kardashian-West appeared in see through black leggings which showcased a matching black thong underneath. To top it off, she wore a dark black bra with a similar leather jacket. Everything was black except for her hair – newly dyed bleach blonde.

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift arrives at New York Fashion Week it’s usually announced and anticipated. This was not the case at last year’s spectacle though. Swift opted not to perform or walk the runway. Instead, the fashion icon decided to take a seat and watch the show. But due to Swift’s enormous celebrity stature, her mere presence outshined Tommy Hilfiger’s latest fashion line. After the show, Swift was photographed sharing a hug with Hilfiger, her longtime friend.