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Marbella’s Long History Of Luxury

Marbella is a city known for its fabulous life of luxury. Located on the southern coast of Spain, the city is a part of Malaga, a Spanish province that borders the Costa Del Sol coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Although Marbella is home to over 140,000 people, it is more known for its tourism than anything.

Marbella has been a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous for decades. In fact, former United States First Lady Michelle Obama vacationed there in 2010. Between the gorgeous coastal beaches and the upscale villas, Marbella is home to some of the finest accommodations that Western Europe has to offer.

The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter, also referred to as Old Town, is unlike any other tourist downtown you’ve ever seen. The narrow streets combined with the historic sixteenth century architecture provides a classic feel that allows visitors to gain a cultural perspective that isn’t typically associated with tourist towns. Some of the buildings that have been preserved over the years include the Ayuntamiento (City Hall), the Casa del Corregidor (House of the Magistrate), the Capilla de Santiago Apostol (Chapel of Saint James the Apostle), and the Museo del Grabado Español (Museum of Spanish Engraving), formerly the Hospital Bazan.


The Marbella coastline spans 27 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea. This long stretch of paradise is divided into 24 beaches. Among the most popular are the centrally-located Venus and La Fontanilla beaches. Cabopino Beach, located near the port of Cabopino, is one of the few nude beaches in Marbella. Puerto Banus and San Pedro Alcantara are among the cleanest beaches in the city, as they were both awarded the blue flag of the Federation for Environmental Education for complying with their standards on water quality, safety, and environmental management.

The Golden Mile

Marbella’s Golden Mile consists of a 6.4-kilometer stretch from the western edge of the city to Puerto Banus. It is known for its luxurious villas and estates that include some of the most spectacular views of the mountains and sea that surround the city. The Golden Mile displays all the essential elements associated with a life of luxury such as fantastic scenery, gorgeous beaches, and extravagant homes.