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Elite Global Events For The Upper-Class Pt. 1

The rich and famous have worked incredibly hard to create the life they have. So naturally, the elite need to blow off some steam and enjoy some entertainment of their own. This is the first part of our list of the top global events to attend for the world’s wealthy and elite.

Fashion Week

A top event for the rich and famous to take part in is fashion week. This gathering takes place in the four fashion capitals of the world – New York, Paris, London, and Milan. While at fashion week, you won’t just take in the latest trends from the hottest designers, you will get to party it up with A-list celebrities as well. The original fashion week took place in NYC in 1943. At the time, the event was used to take attention away from French designs during World War II. Today, it is simply a premier event for the world’s elite. Can’t make it to one of the big four locations? We’ve got you covered – Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Berlin host similar events.

Venice Film Festival

Emma Stone, Chris Pratt, Jude Law, and Jake Gyllenhaal – if you’re looking to mingle with top celebs, look no further than the Venice Film Festival. While the collection of superstars is a sight to behold, the films are top-notch as well. The 2016 festival featured a few notable hits, like La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge. Hurry up and buy your plane ticket now because the festival is currently underway and runs through September 9th. If this event is good enough for Vince Vaughan and Amy Adams, it should be good enough for you!

Kentucky Derby

Make sure you mark May 5, 2018 in your calendars. America’s biggest gathering of sports bettors and A-list athletes and celebs will take place on this day at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. This 142-year-old tradition has made the Kentucky Derby one of the top sporting events to attend. What separates the Derby from any other event is the fashion. Elegant coats, shoes, and especially hats can be found throughout the select gathering of people. And don’t just socialize! Make sure to be in your seat when the historic race takes place.