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Celebrity Homes: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most accomplished actors in Hollywood today. The 42-year-old began starring on the big screen when he was just a teenager and has since put together an unrivaled resume in film. His breakout roles came in the movies, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and 1997’s Titanic. Leading roles in The Departed, Inception, and The Wolf Of Wall Street propelled DiCaprio to elite status.

He landed an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in The Revenant in 2016. And today, DiCaprio has a net worth around $235 million. With all that cash, the Los Angeles native has invested in some highly sought-after real estate. Here is a look inside his Malibu home:

Beach House

Back in 1998, this Malibu property was worth just $1.6 million. Today, its value has skyrocketed to more than $10 million. The mansion is located on Carbon Beach, known by many as “Billionaire’s Beach.” The property includes 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Oh, did we mention Leo’s property is divided into three different homes altogether? His family members are often spotted taking long vacations at this luxurious compound.


The kitchen and living area have morphed into one inside the home. The kitchen is located next to windows on the side of the house, while the large rooms opens up to a spacious living area. DiCaprio’s patio has a picturesque table in the center of an interchangeable outdoor/indoor set up. An extravagant chandelier hangs over the dinner table that has the capability of catering to a large crowd.

Of course, one of Hollywood’s greatest actor’s homes would not be complete without a theater room. DiCaprio somehow manages to keep the room classy with one large screen displayed in front of space filled with flush white sofas. His master bedroom sits atop the largest mansion in the compound. It includes a large onlooking deck with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Not surprisingly, the entire ocean-side of the home is windows offering a scenic perspective of sea tranquility.