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Celebrity Homes Currently Up For Sale

From Richard Branson’s luxurious island to Warren Buffet’s quaint 5-bedroom home, celebrity homes can certainly vary from person to person, and even year to year. Whether an actor is temporarily settling down while filming a movie or an athlete had been traded across the country, celebrities tend to pick up and move more often than your average person. No matter the case, when a celebrity leaves one place for another, the gorgeous mansions are left behind to be sold to the highest bidder. Let’s take a look at some of the luxurious celebrity homes that are currently up for sale.

President Donald Trump, St. Martin

The President of the United States purchased his luxurious, 5-acre beachfront estate in 2013, but after being elected to office, it was clear that he would not have much vacation time. As a result, he put his St. Martin compound on the market three months ago and listed it for an eye-popping $28 million. Since, the asking price has been reduced about 40% to $16.9 million. The estate includes two villas, incorporating five and four bedrooms respectively. Including the other outbuildings, there are 11 bedrooms total. The massive lot is located directly on St. Martin’s Plum Bay, providing a beautiful view of some of the bluest waters known to man.

Mel Gibson, Costa Rica

This remote estate was purchased by A-list actor Mel Gibson in 2007. Set on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Costa Rican jungle, the “Playa Barrigona” provides breathtaking views and plenty of privacy. The beachfront home is comprised of three separate villas, including a total of 12 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Gibson originally listed the estate in 2015 for $29.75 million, and he has since relisted the 500-acre property for the same price.

Katy Perry, Hollywood Heights

In 2013, Katy Perry purchased two neighboring homes in Hollywood Heights after she finalized her divorce with actor Russell Brand. Four years later, she is ready to sell one of the mansions for a hefty $9.45 million. The 2.33-acre lot includes a main residence featuring four bedrooms and six bathrooms, In addition, the estate includes a guest house, fitness center, security guardhouse, and garage that can comfortably fit a limousine. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live next to Katy Perry?