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The Fabulous Celebrity Yacht Life

Most celebrities live extremely busy lifestyles, so when it comes to their vacations, they do not hold back on spending to acquire the finest accommodations. While A-list celebrities can be found vacationing in hot spots all around the world, the most elite turn to a life at sea for a little rest and relaxation. Here are some of the top celebrities that are living the yacht life.

Sports Sailors

From athletes to franchise owners, some of the biggest names in sports enjoy cruising the vast oceans in their free time. One of the greatest Yankees of all time, Derek Jeter, often rents yachts to vacation around the world with his plethora of supermodel and actress girlfriends. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer also spend a lot of time on the high seas when they aren’t dominating the tennis world.

Even though the athletes mentioned above are some of the most elite in their sports, there aren’t quite on the level as the next group of sailors. For a long time, Tiger Woods was the richest athlete in the world. Although he does not hold that position anymore, he still owns a $20 million yacht named Privacy. NFL team owners Jerry Jones and Paul Allen, as well as NBA team owner Mark Cuban, all own yachts valued over $200 million.

Hollywood’s Elite

Of course, actors and actresses are commonly associated with glitz and glamor. At any given moment, you can find Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt vacationing on the beautiful beaches of Europe, but when Hollywood’s elite want to disappear from the paparazzi and hectic surrounding of California, they take to the ocean.

Hollywood hunk Leonardo DiCaprio, talk show legend Ellen DeGeneres, and groundbreaking director Steven Spielberg are among the top names in Hollywood that frequently live the yacht life.

Fashion Icons

There is certainly a lot of money is fashion. Most celebrities, among other wealthy individuals, almost exclusively wear name-brand clothing. They have personally-tailored suits and dresses made for them on a moment’s notice. Everyone knows the brands; Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss, but does everyone know the designers behind the scenes?

The world-renowned combination of Dolce & Gabbana has become one of the top names in the fashion world. Together, they own a 51-meter yacht named Regina d’Italia. Italian fashion tycoon, Giorgio Armani personally designed Main, his massive 65-meter vessel valued at $60 million.

Musical Royalty

Some of the most popular musicians of all time frequently live the luxurious yacht life including P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, and Bono; however, their yacht life may be a little bit different than the men that run the recording industry from behind the scenes. Music executives and successful businessmen Richard Branson and David Geffen own two of the more famous yachts in the sea. Geffen’s Rising Sun is valued at over $200 million and includes a basketball court, movie theater, and helicopter pad. Branson’s Necker Belle is currently up for sale but can also be rented for cruises in the Caribbean. Of course, the Virgin Records billionaire also owns an island, so I doubt he is worried about the value of his 32-meter yacht.

Power Couples At Sea

There are celebrities, and then there are celebrity couples. Commonly referred to as power couples, the world’s most elite relationships tend to enjoy their privacy. So much so, that they climb aboard a large ship and sail away from the real world, sometimes for months at a time.

From music legends like Jay Z and Beyoncé to sports superstardom and supermodel royalty like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, the most notable romances cruise the ocean on a regular basis. On the other hand, Fashion powerhouses Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli have an entirely different stance on the yacht life, as their luxury yacht, the Luna Rossa, competes in historic races like the America’s Cup.