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Best Vintage Watches For Men

A man of business and luxury always has time on his mind. And usually that same person will wear his time (and heart) on his sleeve. A classic wristwatch will give a man that look of elegance and class he so desires. Here is a look at some of the best vintage watches for men.

GUB Lange Caliber 28

If you have ever wondered why watches from Lange and Sohne disappeared from the market, it is because the company was very busy. In between development of pocket and wrist watches, Lange produced devices for the military during war time. The Glashutte Uhrenbetriebe or “GUB” as it’s known, was one of these devices designed specifically for the military. The watch is now available for consumers of all kind, and carries an affordable price tag of $2,000.

The Heuer Autavia

From the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, the Heuer Autavia dominated the watch industry. This device took on a whole new life nearly forty years after it was first introduced. It was originally launched as a dashboard timer in 1933, designed to time automobiles and aircrafts. But the Autavia quickly became an accessory favorite after a transformation. The best news for consumers is the wristwatch is available with several different pricing plans.


A vintage Panerai wristwatch is extremely difficult to find on the market. In fact, the company produced just 300 watches from 1938-1993. Given the fact that these devices are so rare, they will come at a high cost. But these watches are worth the crazy price tag – the sleek design will remain a classic for decades to come.

Rolex GMTs

There is one definitive name in watches: Rolex. Rolex continues to produce hit after hit over the years. The GMTs are some of the most sought-after watches in the country. The specific time era when the GMT shined is the 1980s. While the watches are almost forty years old, they still look like they were produced in the 21st century.