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Best Places To Retire In 2018

For a while, retirement meant finding a beautiful spot with plenty of activities. Now, it’s more about living with just enough to be comfortable, especially when it comes to international retirement. The new year just began, and we are all in store for an exciting 2018. If you have already worked a lifetime and are ready to settle down and enjoy your remaining years, then tune into internationalliving.com’s index of places to retire. Here are some of the highlights of their list.

Costa Rica Tops List

Of course, when it comes to retirement, weather plays a huge factor in deciding where to settle down. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a plethora of warm weather nations top the list of most desirable places to retire. On the other hand, affordability is probably the only factor that tops weather. When you combine the two, Costa Rica sits at the top. The remaining factors that were taken into consideration when compiling this list were healthcare, political stability, retirement benefits, and quality of life. Costa Rica jumped from fourth to first this year, because of its laid back tropical lifestyle and reasonable healthcare costs. Fresh food is preferred heavily over processed and fast foods in Costa Rica, making it a much healthier place to live than the United States. Also, high speed internet and cable services make for an easy transition for American retiring outside the States.

Central America Dominates List

As for the rest of the list, the top ten consists primarily of Central American countries. In fact, only two nations in the top ten are located in Europe, and nowhere from the U.S. made the list. Of course, if money were not a factor, places like New York and London would probably breach the top ten. Nevertheless, the rest of the top ten goes like this:

  1. Mexico
  2. Panama
  3. Ecuador
  4. Malaysia
  5. Colombia
  6. Portugal
  7. Nicaragua
  8. Spain
  9. Peru